Antimateria (antimatter) is the intangible substance through which it’s possible to demonstrate the fundamental symmetry: for each particle correspond an anti-particle. When the two essences are close and in the same environment, the anti-particles disappear for annihilation, they are ephemeral.

An emotion represents an instant of antimateria, an ephemeral moment able to stress a person and prime a reaction. The visual art is a contemporary way of ephemeral expression in which the light gives life and animates the space; it is able to modify the perception untouchably becoming the actor that prime that reaction.


The Antimateria project was born in December 2012, when two actors started to think about a possible intersection between contemporary art and new technologies. The pilot projects looked for an interaction between images and sound, an audiovisual symbiosis that will always represent the stronghold of their design researches and experimentations, a visual representation of sound vibrations able to modify and shake the images of matter. During summer 2013, Antimateria began to experiment these visual techniques: on one hand analysing the projection behaviour on surfaces of different materials, during a series of exhibition (Will be) settled up in Merate area (LC); on the other hand using the projections for VJing in Lecco and Milano clubs, till arriving to the BPM spot production within the Kernel Festival context. Gradually Antimateria gained experience and started to research a new way for using this form of art, spreading its application field also on a commercial level: indeed they thought that the visual techniques could be used as a smart, modern and captivating approach to communicate information. A micro-mapping project and a digital-interactive installation have been designed for Brivaplast company and its fair stand; moreover, thanks to visual art versatility, a video scene and backdrop have been tested and realized for Pandora and Martorana events: there wasn’t a real and physical set-up but a projected one, in which the lights and their dynamism create the setting.

Today Antimateria is searching the possible contaminations within the varied disciplines and different cultures in order to give life to art-technology hybrids.