Les Chants Magnétiques


The magnetic attraction is the theme that joins Breton and Soupault surrealist literary work with Jean Micheal Jarre electronic search. Attraction, repulsion and seeming confusion will involve the public.   An suggestive show that want to surprise the spectators.

Classicism and modernity are mixed to create an innovative show focused on the classical architecture of the theater and the experimentation of new technologies.




LES CHATNS MAGNETIQUE was the second act of marker’s season 2016,a multidisciplinary show that include music, lights and video-mapping scenography. The show took place in the backyard of TEATRO SOCIALE of como.

For the video-mapping scenography we worked on a double layer structure; the first placed at the backs of the djs, and the second, semi transparent, placed between djs and audience.


We developed video contents for both layers that mixed together gave to the audience the sense  of deep.