Open City

OC OPEN CITY International Summer School 2017 edition, International workshop at the Politecnico di Milano based in Piacenza , focuses on the many complementary forms of landscape that are recognizable in the enlarged territory of the city of Piacenza. The title “New Next Nature”, proposed to students as a basis for discussion and an interdisciplinary comparison and as a subject of project experimentation, comes from a thematic matrix capable of reinterpreting the relationship architecture-city-landscape in contemporaneity and with a look at future visions: “Scenarios for Piacenza 2050”.

Within the project, Studio Antimateria has realized an interactive video installation that introduces the workshop’s themes.

The installation is composed of a model of the city of Piacenza in 1: 5000 scale. In the interactive path, through an application developed in Java, the user can select different layers related to the themes proposed by the workshop and the functional characteristics of the city, which in real time are projected in the surface of the model by tracing the shapes and displaying a reference through a front projection . In this way it is possible to live the space through the image and the light.

It was also made an introductory clips which have been interpreted workshop themes according to a conceptual vision.