Shape in scapes

Shape in Scapes is an audiovisual installation realized by Studio Antimateria in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, Polo Territoriale di Piacenza, located at Vago Pavillion, via Scalabrini 76, Piacenza, from 16th December until 23h December 2016, from 9th January until 16th January, and from 6th March until 11th March, 2017.

It provides an abstract representation of students architectural projects.

The exhibition is disclosed as a continuous investigative process, with the purpose of discovering and expressing the essence of the architectural approach that has been applied to three different dialogs between context and architecture.

The surfaces that Studio Antimateria used for the projection were the students volumetric cement models of three different landscapes: Margherita di Savoia salt pans (Italy), Askja lake(Iceland) and Vardar river(Macedonia).

Shape in Scapes tries to synchronize the connection between the material work of the students and an anti-material point of view, which tries to make visible whats behind its concrete result.

The purpose is, in this sense, to represent the final analysis of the students concept, anticipating the conclusions of their work, and transporting those informations into an emotional audio-video performance where both, visual and auditory level, are a free flow of real images blended with abstract representations.

Both sound and visual design are coded with open-source softwares, Supercollider and Processing, which communicate with Open Sound Control in real time, into a partially-controlled aleatory scheme. Projections are videomapped on the cement surfaces with two devices (4000 ansilumen per device), while two speakers diffuse a tripartite stereophonic field into the installation space.